Dani’s Puppies

Dani’s summer litter arrived on Monday, August 3rd 2020. 

You can contact us about puppies or apply for one today.

Besides pouring on the love, we also microchip, vaccinate, and aptitude test our puppies.

Current Litter

Use the Color Name for the puppy you are interested in when making inquiries.

There are 2 Female and 4 Male labradoodle puppies in the litter.
The Females are in the pink and lime green collars, the others are Male.

Total Cost per Puppy: $3000


Reservation Fee Required $500


Final Payment $2500

We are able to ship with an additional freight fee of $450

Litter Details

Freedom Labradoodles is proud of Dani(ALAA-072752) on welcoming her second litter at the beginning of August , who delivered her first litter at the end January 2020. Hero is the stud for this litter, we will post photos and information on him ASAP.

Litter Details:

  • 6 Medium Sized Multi-Generation labradoodles.
  • 4 Female, 2 Male.
  • More litter details coming soon!