Meet Our Dams

We are pleased to introduce to you Freedom Labradoodle’s Dams.

Each one is unique in it’s own way. We hope you enjoy getting to know them!


Daisy (Signature’s Shine On “Daisy”- ALAA – 050524) was our first outright purchase from Signature Labradoodles to start our Freedom Labradoodles with a canon salute.

She is an energetic, compliant, intelligent, hypoallergenic  bundle of love.  She endears herself by walking up to where you are sitting to rest her chin on your arm, leg or hand which says “show me some attention”.  She is always ready to receive the love.

Daisy is very fast as the first to retrieve whatever we throw and the first one back with it.  The only thing that stops her is a game of tug of war with one of the other dogs.  Daisy is a jumper.  She effortlessly clears most obstacles as if she were a gazelle.  She would make a great obstacle course champion.

Interestingly enough, she has never attempted to jump the fence around the yard- which is further insight into her nature.



Freedom’s Phoebe (ALAA-072736) is very much like her mother Daisy.  When we first see her, we have to do a double-take in order to say the right name.

She is extremely loving and lovable.  She will trot into the room without a care in the world- and remind you that she is in need of and deserves your attention. 

Phoebe loves to jump and play full bore.  She is always smiling with a readiness to please.  We are so delighted with her first litter, born July 11th, 2019. With this arrival we have discovered both that she is a good mother, and that she throws incredible variety.

Phoebe craves attention that her guardians do a great job of giving. She is patient when the time comes to be brushed or groomed.  We would not change any of these qualities to be passed on to her litters.  She is as willing and resilient as they come.


  • Born December 4, 2017
  • Medium
  • 18″ at the shoulder
  • 35 Pounds
  • Apricot
  • Multi-gen
  • All testing clear or normal


We are so appreciative of Bedrock Labradoodles for their beautiful contribution to our breeding program in Annie.   

What great lineage and possibility is in this loving little gal. She is smart, energetic, and ready to please.

Pet me, hug me and snuggle with me… Ok now start over!  

Her first litter was born October 21, 2019.


Info Multigenerational Labradoodle ALAA-069310
Size 28 lbs, 15″ tall
Coat Curly fleece, non-shedding
Color Red
Kennel Bedrock Labradoodles
Dam Sweet Baja
Sire Cream Puff’s Ace of Hearts
DOB May 3, 2018
Health Clearances OFA Prelim Hips: Excellent, OFA Elbows: Normal, CERF: Normal, IC clear, EIC: Clear, PRAprcd: Clear, DM: Clear



Our newest of the Dams will be having her litter with Gabriel soon. 

Dani is the perfect combination of spunk and cuddles. She is a great source of joy. She is just as happy to be chasing a ball or on the couch curled up by her favorite people.

If her current approach to life is any indication of what her puppies, they will be incredibly loving and learn quickly.

Dani is petite, yet strong and sturdy. Her coat has retained it’s soft wavy/curly texture, with stunning apricot, cream and caramel coloring. She is going to make a great mother for her puppies as she is an important part of the family


Info Multigenerational Labradoodle ALAA-072752
Size 20 lbs, 17″ tall
Coat Curly fleece, non-shedding
Color  Apricot
Kennel Freedom Labradoodles
Dam Signature’s Peaches and Cream
Sire Tualatin River’s Back in a Flash
DOB June 18, 2018
Health Clearances OFA Prelim Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, CERF: Normal, IC clear, EIC: Clear, PRAprcd: Clear, DM: Clear


Peaches and Cream

~~Retired, Grandmother to future puppies!~~

Peaches (Signature’s “Peaches” and Cream – ALAA – 052407) is beautiful in white with apricot highlights.  This regal cuddler is very attentive.  She wants to be right next to you wherever you are, and is happiest with connection.

It is a pleasure to watch her prance around as if she was a member of the Royal Family.

Adventure is her middle name. The bumble bees in the flowers and the neighborhood raccoons are her source of inspiration.

She is very gentle in her love of young puppies.

We have retained some of Peaches Puppies as future breeding dogs. They are currently in guardian homes till they are fully tested for capability in temperament and skeletal/muscular structure. They are looking so good! Keep checking in for Peaches grandchildren who will soon be available!


~~Retired, Grandmother to future puppies!~~

Meet our sweet girl, Sparkles (Signature’s Endless “Sparkles” ALAA-032968), who loves to cuddle! Sparkles temperament is so compliant.  Her life’s ambition is to please, and we aren’t complaining!

Sparkles has a strong musculature build.  She leads our little pack, often outpacing the others when on a bike jaunt.  Sparkles lives up to her name in that she has a very positive disposition.  When we get home she will pogo in place jumping up and down in her excitement.  She is truly a delight.

We appreciate the mentoring and character of Signature Labradoodles in helping us to obtain Sparkles. (We highly reccommend working with Amy or Dale from Eugene, Oregon.)