Our Process & FAQ

Why Go With Freedom Labradoodles?

There are a lot of labradoodle breeders out there- but we go above and beyond to make sure all humans and puppies are having a great experience. 

If you go with Freedom Labradoodles, we promise the following: 

  • Your puppy will have a microchip with an 800 # for the collar in case you ever get separated.
  • Your puppy is given its first round of puppy vaccinations.
  • Your puppy receives a wellness check up.
  • We provide one month of free insurance through Trupanion.
  • We offer a 2 year puppy warranty against genetic defect.
  • All of our breeding dogs have to pass gold paw standards with the ALAA for genetics, eyes, and hips and elbows.
  • We socialize our puppies through guardian home visits, personal handling, adult dog interaction, and interaction with children.
  • We pay to have our puppies evaluated by a very astute and well known evaluator who is very travelled in dog show circles.  She has been a conformation expert for 40 years. We follow her advice on all future breeding dogs to insure that your puppy is born from a mother and father with the highest of musculature and skeletal standards. “A healthy dog is a happy dog”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ features questions that potential puppy owners often have about the breed, and also about our processes at Freedom Labradoodles. 

We are confident most of your questions can be answered here, but feel free to contact us if you can’t locate what you are looking for. 

How do I reserve a labradoodle puppy from Freedom Labradoodles?

Fill out an application and make the required deposit. Please let us know which litter you are requesting a reservation for in the application. To view a list of our upcoming labradoodle puppy litters, visit our Home Page or our New Puppies Page

When can I make a deposit on a labradoodle puppy?

Deposits can be made on puppies at any time. Most of our puppies are being reserved before the litter is born. You can transfer a deposit to a different litter if needed.

If your application is not approved by us- the breeder- your deposit will be refunded.

Are we allowed to visit Freedom Labradoodles in Salem, Oregon, to pick out our puppies?

At this time we are allowing controlled and limited in-person visits. We are following all local and state-mandated guidelines to protect our customers and communities. Please contact us for more information about our processes as they are changing regularly to better serve you and our puppies. 

Photos are taken regularly of our litters and posted to our site for you to see. We will happily advise you on which puppy is the best fit for you if you would like some guidance.

How do you choose who gets which puppy from the litters?
  • Our Australian labradoodle puppies are awarded to buyers on the unbiased basis of first-come first-serve (who has paid their deposit with an approved application).
  • At 6 weeks we ask buyers to send their Top 3 choices of puppy from the litter.
  • We will let you know which puppy is yours after their health evaluations.
  • Labradoodle puppies go home with their new families at 8 weeks old.

In the event that there is an unexpectedly small litter, or there is not a puppy in the litter that is a good fit for you, your deposit will automatically roll forward to the next litter of available puppies. The advantage of this, is that you will then rank higher on the list and be more likely to get first pick.

How will I know what the puppies will look like?

The beauty of Australian labraoodle puppies is in the variety. Our dams have thrown a large variety of coat colors in both wavy and a curly fleece. We highly recommend that you read through our Dams Page to get to know them better. 

You can also visit litter pages for our current dams. There you will see examples of previous puppies they have had to give you a better idea of what their projected litters might look like. 


On our desktop menu bar, hover over “Puppies” and select a specific page from the drop-down menu.

On mobile, click on the top right of the “Select Page” and click through litter pages listed below “Puppies”

What else is required of new owners?

We sign a standard Health Guarantee and Contract with every customer. This guarantee explains coverages of our health warranty on our labradoodle puppies. The contract is also a legally binding agreement from you to seek proper healthcare and training for your puppy. It ensures  that you are buying your dog as a companion animal, and are not allowed to use them for breeding purposes. All owners must submit confirmation of spay or neuter to the breeder by an agreed upon date. 

The contract is signed before the puppy transfers to your care. For more information about what it covers, please contact us

What comes with my labradoodle puppy?

Aside from the contract and health guarantee your puppy will also go home with:  

  • First round of vaccinations
  • Microchip and collar tag
  • One month free Trupanion Insurance
  • A toy that smells like their litter for familiarity