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  • This application cannot be saved and re-opened at a later time. Please complete the application entirely before submission. We recommend typing all sentence-form answers in a Word Document or Note Pad in case of a submission error.
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  • Please fill out the following personal and contact information.
  • Dog Preferences

  • In this section, you may select your preferences on what kind of dog you are hoping for. You can select more than one option where applicable. Keep in mind that we may not have your exact preference of puppy available, but we can discuss options for the future.
  • Family Information

  • In this section, please answer the following questions about family information and lifestyle. In order to make sure our puppies are going to the right homes, we require as much information as possible. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.
  • Section

  • Please make sure that you carefully read and consider all of the questions in this section of the application. If you are not sure that your answer is "Yes" we encourage you to conduct more research into puppy ownership, or reach out to us via our Contact Form as we would be happy to help you determine if this breed is a good fit for you.


    Veterinarian Care

  • Personal References

  • Please provide the names and phone numbers of 2 personal references. (Non-Family Members only)
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